Whether you’re ready to take advantage of the extra daylight and warmer temperatures with some outdoor activities, or are ready to hunker down indoors with your bracket, there’s something for everyone in March.

            These five financial to-dos can help you get your money into a good place, so you can stay focused on all the things you enjoy today. Here’s how you can improve your finances in March.

            1. SPARK FINANCIAL JOY

            The change of seasons means you’ll likely have the urge to tackle some spring cleaning (if you haven’t already). And thanks to a certain Marie Kondo Netflix special, the inspiration is at an all-time high. But Marie Kondo’s principles don’t just apply to tidying up your home: you can apply them to your financial life, too. From your budget to documents you’ve been holding onto for years, here’s how to declutter and spark joy in your financial life.


            While it may not even feel like spring yet, it’s already time to start thinking about your kids’ summer activities. Whether you’re hoping to enroll them in camp or take a memorable vacation with the whole family, finalize your plans now so you can budget for the expense (and get the best deals). Or, if you’re hoping to instill some work ethic in your teenager in the form of a summer job, talk to them about it now so they have time to find the right one for them.

            3. FILE YOUR TAXES

            There’s still time to file your 2018 taxes before the April 15 deadline. But, if you need another reason to get this one done sooner rather than later, here it is: Your taxes may look different this year thanks to the tax-law changes that went into effect last year. Whether or not you tackle your taxes on your own, here’s a refresher on how the changes can affect you. And if you do use a pro, make sure to schedule time with them now so you’re guaranteed a spot.

            4. UPGRADE YOUR HOME

            Spring also signals the start of homebuying season. So, if you’re looking to put your home on the market this year, you may want to consider some upgrades to make sure it’s looking its best (and can sell for the best price). These home improvements can help you sell your home faster in 2019. Plus, this easy project can increase your home’s value by up to $6,000. If you’re on the opposite side and are eager to buy property that you can put your own stamp on, here’s what you should know before buying a fixer-upper.

            5. TACKLE A DEBT

            If one of your financial goals is to pay down debt, plan to eliminate one of your balances this month. Before you decide which one to tackle, consider the difference between good and bad debt to make sure you’re prioritizing your more harmful debt first. And don’t forget to take interest rates into account to determine the true cost of your debt. If you’re not sure where to start, check out how this couple paid off their credit card debt by setting a deadline for themselves.

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